Phenolic Resin


  • Used to produce chloroprene rubber adhesive, applicable to the adhesive for shoes.
  • Used to produce end coating for external use, lacquer for floor, marine coating, antirust paint, water based printing ink, and as material of thin film anti-rust oil products.
  • Used both as sulfidizer, intensifier and tackifier when producing terylene adhesive tape, oil pipe anti-corrosive adhesive and adhesive tape etc.
  • Mixed with terpene resin will be enhance the effect. 


  • Improve hear resistance and adhesive force
  • Characteristics of small deformation
  • Large extension strength, small tensile stretch
  • Soluble in arene, alkane, halogenated hydrocarbon, ester, ketone, tung oil, etc


Ash content, %: ≤0.3
Free Phenol, %: ≤1
Lipid solubility, 1:2 tung oil, in 240°C: totally soluble
Methylol conctent, %: 9~15
Softening Point, R&B, °C: 82~120
Water content, %: ≤1 

P2116 P5103
Acid Value, mgKOH/g ≤25
12~18 ≤25
Color, Fe-Co  ≤13
Normal Heptane, ml/25C-2g 4~7
1~3 2~5
Softening Point, R&B, °C 166~175 151~168 160~170
Viscosity, resin:linseed oil=1:2 at 25°C, mpa.s 4000~6000 3000~5000 7000~12000


  • Paper-plastic compound Bag, 25kg
  • Paper-plastic compound Bag, 500kg