99% Fenchone

Fenchone is a natural organic compound classified as a monoterpene and a ketone. It is a colorless oily liquid. It has a structure and an odor similar to camphor.





FEMA: 2479
Molecular Formula: C10H16O
Molecular Weight: 152.23

  • Fenchone is aketone which closely resemblescamphorbut is liquid at ordinary temperature. In volatile oils both optically active modifications occur. d-Fenchone has been found infenneloil and in the oil of Lavandula Stoechas, whereas fenchone has been found in the oil of Arbor vitas. For the fenchone found in the oil of Thuja plicatathe direction of rotation has not been recorded.
  • Fenchone is a constituent of absinthe and the essential oil of fennel.
  • Fenchone is used as a flavor in foods and in perfumery.
  • Obtained from the leaf of Biota orientalis L. Endl. And the fruits of Foeniculum vulgate Mill.Chemical synthesis can be obtained, the isomer of camphor, the similar local stimulation and camphor, used as a perfume and food flavoring agent.


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