Terpinyl Acetate

1-ρ-Menthen-8-yl acetate

Terpinyl Acetate is found in Pine oil, Cajeput oil, Pine needle oil, Cardamom oil and other essential oils. Is appears liquid and has lemon smell or lavender smell. In industry, H2SOis used as catalytic agent with Acetic anhydride to have an acetylation on Terpineol to produce Terpinyl Acetate. Because of the benefits of stable property and difficult to change color, Terpinyl Acetate is widely used as armo, the contents can be up to 30%.

CAS: 8007-35-0
EINECS: 201-265-7
FEMA: 3047
HS Code: 294200
Molecular Formula:  C12H20O2

  • used in lavender, bergamot, forests and fougere of fragrance
  • used in artificial essential oil, such like lavender oil or lemon oil
  • food flavoring, such like pears, plums, apricots, cherries, citrus and other fruits of flavoring (ADI: 1mg/kg per day)


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