PINEYE™ Emulsion

Antitranspirant for plants

PINEYE™ Emulsion is a water-emulsifiable concentrate sticker. It is derived from pine trees and is non-toxic and non-ionic. Its anti-transpiration property releases a glossy biodegradable film through polymerization, which forms a coating on the surface of plants. 

NATURAL Ingredients

PINEYE™ Emulsion contains natural polymer ingredients on formula, non-toxic and non-ionic. Eco friendly for your crops, flowers and fruits.

N on 1 function, save your money

According as the blending ratio with water. PINEYE™ Emulsion can used as Potetiator, Dispersant agent and Release control agent on your growing products.

IBC DRUM, ready for lable

PINEYE™ Emulsion is packaged in ISO tanks and is ready for dispensed packing. Kindly contact us and create your own label.

what's sunburn on plants?

Sunburn on strawberry leaves. Photo by Mark Bolda, UCANR
Sunburn on strawberry leaves. Photo by Mark Bolda, UCANR

Sunburn damage on crops, flowers and fruits makes farmers lose money on every festival seasons. A research paper (Cuijing, 2011) stated that increasing temperatures can affect net crop revenue. When the temperature increased by 1°C, the total revenue of wheat in China decreased by 1.5% to 5.4% (You et al, 2005).


In South Africa, 20% of Golden Delicious Apple crops and 40% of Granny Smith Apple crops are damaged by browning or necrosis on their surface, and are therefore not exported or sold (Engela Duvenage, 2014).


UV (ultraviolet) radiation is responsible for the damage. 

As the research report from Schrader,  there are 3 types of sun damage have been identified in apples.

  1. Sunburn Necrosis, is solely caused by high fruit surface temperature and appears as a necrotic spot on the sun-exposed part of fruit while on the tree. 
  2. Sunburn Browning, is caused by joint exposure to high fruit surface temperatures (46°C to 49°C, depending on the cultivar) and ultraviolet-B, but does not result in cell death.
  3. Photo-oxidative Sunburn, requires visible light and affects shaded apples that are suddenly exposed to solar radiation. Initially affected areas of the skin appear bleached and later become necrotic.

THE NATURAL POLYMER antitranspirant

PINEYE™ Emulsion, it is used as a substitute for Vapor Gard® of Miller Chemicals.

PINEYE™ Emulsion is a water emulsifiable concentrate for plants. The pure natural ingredients provide a physical barrier against fungi and diseases on the surface of your crops. It also prevents the premature falling of fruits and improves the shelf life of harvested fruits. When PINEYE™ Emulsion is sprayed on plant leaves or fruit surfaces, it creates a soft, elastic, sticky and transparent film. The film is partly breathable, locks water vapor on the surface, and decreases the amount of bio-pesticides that will wash away during irrigation or rainfall erosion. Its key ingredients are also compatible with bio-pesticide activity.

The properties of PINEYE™ Emulsion
The properties of PINEYE™ Emulsion

In the performance test, the deposit rate of PINEYE™ Emulsion is 6.6623 mg/cm2. When farmers sprayed pesticides mix with PINEYE™ Emulsion, the piney resin polymer can increase the extended area of pesticide on the surface. After sprayed for an hour, polymer emulsion goes dryness and forming an elasticity film. The film wraps up liquid in the microcapsule and defense water cleans away the pesticide or other addition agent directly.


The key ingredient of PINEYE™ Emulsion is pinolene based polymer, which is natural friendly to crops, flowers and fruits. Compered with other adjuvants, PINEYE™ Emulsion shows 44.50 degrees of contact angle in the test, the value is better than the organic based competing product, who shows 55.48 degrees of contact angle. The lower angle contact means the better wetting function if you use PINEYE™ Emulsion as the dispersant agent.

how to spray?

In many cases you can easy using water dilute PINEYE™ Emulsion and then mixing into pesticide formulas. We suggest you selecting bio-pesticide because bio-pesticide is natural prepared from organic monomers, especially which active ingredients were extracted from terpenes based. The based blending ratio is 1:100 with water, the application will be changed when the ratio changed.

PINEYE Emulsion Lable Education
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