2,2,6,10 Tetramethl-Tricyclo [,7]-9-undecene

alpha-Cedrene, beta-Cedrene and Thujopsene are made from Sesquiterpene in Cedar Oil. The Cedar Wood grown in Guizhou Provice in China and Texas, Virginia in U.S was rich in Cedrene. alpha-Cedrene can be used to synthetic Acetyl cedrene, Cedryl ketone, Epoxy cedrane, Cedryl aldehyde and other important perfume. Also can be used for food.

CAS: 469-61-4


HS Code:: 380700
Molecular Formula: C15H24
Molecular Weight:  204.35

  • solvent
  • intermediate to perfume
  • medicine roductions
  • food


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