98% Cedrol

Cedrenol, Cedrenol B, Cedrol Crystal, 10-Hydroxy-2,2,6,10-tetramethyl-tricyclo[5. 3. 1. 03,7]undecane

Cedrol is extracted from Cedar Oil, specially in the genera Cupressus (cypress) and Juniperus (juniper). In China, the contect of oil recovery nearly 5%. Manufacturers can adopt the means of Vacuum Distillation or Recrystallization to extract Cedrol, the content above 50%.

CAS: 77-53-2
EINECS: 201-035-6
HS Code: 290619
Molecular Formula: C15H26O
Molecular Weight: 222.38

  • Cedrol has been widely used as solvent, intermediate to perfume, medicine production.
  • Cedrol is processed with the help of perfect technology and is used for making body sprays and deodorants.
  • Cedrol is used to synthetic Acetyl Cedrene, Cedryl ketone, Cedryl aldehyde and other important perfume.


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