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Foreverest Resources Ltd. is a leading pine based chemicals supplier. Exporting gum rosin derivatives, turpentine derivatives, flavor & fragrance ingredients and other chemicals since 1988.


With 20 years’ industry experiences, we keep investing team build and information management on enterprise. Increase marketing on brand and setting quality control under ISO system. We try to beyond other suppliers, sourcing the new forestry chemical products in China, and develop exclusive products. We focus on supply the equivalents and substitutes to replace great brands. Due to this goal, we would offer a wide range of specification on forestry chemicals and make orders by formulation, provide OEM service to different manufacturers. That’s the reason we earned the trust from our clients and keep a long term business relationship.

Established a strong collection network in China, sourcing and supply forestry chemicals by professional solution.

Make orders by formulation, OEM, financial instruments, packaging, logistic and comprehensive sale service process.

Setting standards in responsible sourcing and quality by ISO9001:2008.

Professional management team with forestry chemicals degree by 20 years' industry experiences, build complete market network and diversified trade modes.

Chemicals A-Z


Rosin is the primary product of rosin sources. In China, rosin normally is meant Gum Rosin. There has been produced 661,200 metric tons of gum rosin that China contributed 76% of global production (Forcast, 2011). Foreverest Resources Ltd. is a professional modified rosin resins supplier, we identified four catalog for rosin derivatives. They were mainly used in tackifiers, inks, paints, paper sizing, eletronics, personal care and beverages. 

Foreverest® Modified Rosins

Foreverest® Rosin Esters

Foreverest® Modified Rosin Phenolic Resins

Foreverest® Specialty Rosin Resins



Turpentine (also called spirit of turpentine, oil of turpentine, wood turpentine) obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from pine trees. As a natural and renewable resource, turpentine fits perfectly with the trend of green, low carbon and sustainable development. Turpentine is composed of terpenes, mainly the monoterpenes, alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene with lesser amounts of Carene, Camphene, Dipentene, and Terpinolene. The structural similarities between pinenes and natural F&F ingredients give turpentine the atom and step economy that petroleum materials always lack.



Polyterpene Resin (also called Terpene Polymer or Terpene Resin) is produced using only the renewable material mixed Terpene or Terpene monomer. It is known as a tackifying resin, which are highly compatible with various polymer materials such as polyolefins, SIS, natural rubber or styrene elastomer. Foreverest™ Polyterpene Resins have fully series, from low to high softening point. Polyterpene Resin, Aromatic Modified Polyterpene Resin, and Polyterpene Phenolic Resin, which display excellent compatibility with high polarity polymer materials such as acryl by copolymerization with petroleum-based components.


Hydrogenated Polyterpene Resins, which are hydrogenated grades of various Polyterpene Resins and Aromatic Modified Polyterpene Resins, with their excellent color hues, thermal stability, and weather resistance are highly regarded in many industries as biobased tackifiers for their adhesive components and as modifying agents for various polymers.


Foreverest® Aroma Chemicals Selected is a line of natural extracted and synthetic chemicals. This line focus on the aromatic ingredients to supply chemistry companies and manufacturers to produce  fine fragrance and functional fragrance formulation which applied on personal care, household cleaner, beverages and food.


Download Aromatic Chemical Materials Products Catalog



Crude Tall Oil (CTO), also called as liquid oil, is a by-product of kraft pulping process. Commercially, it is mainly used for fractionally distilled to manufacture Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) and Tall Oil Rosin (TOR). The TSCA Inventory describes tall oil as, “A complex combination of tall oil rosin and fatty acids derived from acidulation of crude tall oil soap and including that which is further refined. Contains at least 70% rosin.”


The main distillation products of CTO include distilled tall oil (DTO), Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Tall Oil Pitch (TOP), Tall Oil Rosin and tall oil heads. In the recovery process of Tall Oil, the principal method of separating the cellulose fibers from non-fibrous constituents of wood is the sulfate or kraft process.


Laccifer lacca, is a kind of parasites which parasites in Dalbergia odorifera, Albizia kalkora, Mallotus apelta, Campylotropis rockii schindl and Ficus hookeriana. In China, the common host trees include Pigeon pea and Hibiscus species. They parasites in trees by all its life. At larval phase, Laccifer lacca begin excreting colloid substances from nutrient of trees, and wraps up itself in the oval lac. Plants my wilting for the thousands of these tiny insects soak up nutrient. But in industry, they are important raw materials of ink and pigments.


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