Glyceryl Monostearate


  • GMS widely used as emulsifier , lubricant agent, antifogging agent and antistatic agent in food and daily chemical industry
  • Used as antifogging agent in producing agricultural plastic films
  • Used as antistatic agent in producing packaging films
  • Used as emulsifier for cream cosmetics
  • Used as lubricant agent in producing PVC transparent particles

Acid Value: 2.0mg KOH/g max
Arsenic: 3ppm max
Freezing Point: 55-60°C
Free Glycerin: 1.0% max
Heavy Metals: 10Pb max
Monoester: ≥ 40.0%
Iodine Value: 3.0g ( I2/100g) max
Iron: 10Pb max
Saponification Value: 160-175mg KOH/g


  • Paper-plastic Compound bag, 25kg net each, PE bags inside available