Terpene Polymer

Pinolene | Nu Film 17 | di-1-p-Menthene

Terpene Polymer ( Pinolene or di-1-p-Menthene) with non-ionic surfactant is a stabilizer emulsion made from piney resinsAt normal rates, dries rapidly, affords shower-protection when touch dry, and rain protection approximately 30 minutes later. It forms a flexible film on the surface of the plant, binding the pesticide and protecting it from erosion by rain. At higher rates (1:10 to 1:40 of water), when sprayed on plant leaves, is an anti-transpirant reducing moisture loss and wilting during periods of stress, e.g. transplanting, drought, etc. It is 100% organic and is biodegradable, and it can be used on edible crops.

CAS: 34363-01-4
Molecular Formula: (C10H18)2
Molecular Weight: 275.0


  • Forms a durable film that holds a pesticide on the crop foliage.
  • Helps penetrate and spread pesticides over foliage.
  • Prevents the removal of pesticides from the leaf surface by wind and rainfall.
  • Reduces pesticide volatilization.
  • Screens the pesticide residue from ultraviolet rays which often cause pesticide degradation.
  • Will not foam or clog nozzles.


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