98% beta-Pinene

Noinene, 2-Methylene-6,6-dimethyl-bicyclo [3. 1. 1] heptene

beta-Pinene and alpha-Pinene are found naturally in Turpentine. According to the different tree species of pine, there is have difference in contents of beta-Pinene. In China, the contents of alpha-Pinene is more than beta-Pinene usually, but Simao Area in Yunnan province, the contents of beta-Pinene can be between 20% to 40%.



EINECS: 242-060-2
HS.Code: 290219
Molecular Formula: C10H16
Molecular Weight: 136.24

  • Hot tearing to Myrcene is uesd as synthetic raw materials of Linalool, Geraniol, Nerol, Myrac aldehyde, Lyral, Ambergris and other flavors
  • Used as flavor in daily chemicals or other industry applications


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