Other Specialty Chemicals

Frankincense PE

ForeverestFrankincense PE, also called Olibanum, is an aromatic resin obtained from shrubby deciduous tree. There are four main species of Boswellia which produce true frankincense and each type of resin is available in various grades. The grades depend on the time of harvesting, and the resin is hand-sorted for quality.


  • Invigorates blood and stop pains, relax muscles & detumescence, used for bleeding sore and Chest or abdominal pains caused by blood stasis, often with myrrh
  • Used for treatments of stomachache due to emotional depression and the hyperactive liver-qi attacking the stomach, often with rhizoma cyperi and Radix Curcumae

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Heat Transfer Fluids

Foreverest Heat-transfer Fluids products are 100% synthetic fluid, a blend of Dibenzyltoluene isomers. SRS602 has good stabilities performance with thermal and oxidation. The low viscosity and high thermal conductivity offer high performance between -30°C and 350°C in applications such as distillation, heating of boilers, heating and cooling of reactors or storage tanks.


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N-(n-Octyl)-2-pyrrolidone (NOP) is a faint odor, mild, and amine-like yellowish liquid. It can be used as wetting agent in printing process, co-solvent for pesticide formulation, pharmaceutical excipients for veterinary injection, dye carrier for aramid fibers, softener and metal cleaning.


  • Coating strippers in the electronic industry
  • Components in ink and coating formulations
  • Formulating agents in crop protection products
  • Solvents in chemical reactions

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Piney Resin Emulsion

Piney Resin Emulsion (Pinolene or di-1-p-Menthene) with non-ionic surfactant is a stabilizer emulsion made from piney resins. At normal rates, dries rapidly, affords shower-protection when touch dry, and rain protection approximately 30 minutes later. It forms a flexible film on the surface of the plant, binding the pesticide and protecting it from erosion by rain. At higher rates (1:10 to 1:40 of water), when sprayed on plant leaves, is an anti-transpirant reducing moisture loss and wilting during periods of stress, e.g. transplanting, drought, etc. It is 100% organic and is biodegradable, and it can be used on edible crops.


Download Foreverest® Piney Resin Emulsion Document. (PDF version)

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