Extractives & Synthetic

Turpentine Derivatives

Turpentine (also called spirit of turpentine, oil of turpentine, wood turpentine) obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from pine trees. As a natural and renewable resource, turpentine fits perfectly with the trend of green, low carbon and sustainable development. Turpentine is composed of terpenes, mainly the monoterpenes, alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene with lesser amounts of Carene, Camphene, Dipentene, and Terpinolene. The structural similarities between pinenes and natural F&F ingredients give turpentine the atom and step economy that petroleum materials always lack.

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flavors & fragrances Materials

Foreverest® Aroma Chemicals Selected is a line of natural extracted and synthetic chemicals. This line focus on the aromatic ingredients to supply chemistry companies and manufacturers to produce  fine fragrance and functional fragrance formulation which applied on personal care, household cleaner, beverages and food.

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